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Custom Garages

Attic Two Car Garage

garage with attic24'x36' Custom Garage with 8' walls, sage vinyl siding, white trim, 6 pitch roof with charcoal shingles, and a 30" cupola. It has two 9'x7' raised panel garage doors, a 3' prehung door, three 24"x36" windows, and an 18"x24" vent.


three car garage two storyThree Car Garage with attic

28'x36' Three car garage with red paint, white trim, and hickory shingles. This is a two story garage with a 9 pitch roof, three custom garage doors, a 3' prehung steel door with 9-lite glass, and a 36" metal roofed cupola. The structure has 10' walls built with 2x6 studs, and features a 12'x36' attic space.


two car garage with atticAttic two car garage

24'x30' two story Custom carriage garage with almond vinyl siding, white trim, and weatherwood shingles. It has a 12 pitch roof on the front and a 9 pitch roof on the back. It features two insulated 12'x9' Advantage Classic garage doors and a 36" prehung door with 11 lite glass; the three 34"x49" windows are double hung and insulated. The attic size is 12'x30'.


three car garage in PAThree car garage with attic dormers

Two story 28'x36' Custom victorian style garage with 10' walls, white vinyl siding, charcoal shingles with an 8 pitch roof, and three dormers. It has three raised panel garage doors with sunburst glass; two of them are 10'x8' and the other one is 9'x8'. The attic size is 14'x36'.

  Our two car garages can be designed to your specifications. Some of the garages can be built on site in only one day! Two car garages can be built on site in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, West Virginia, Ohio, and the surrounding areas (we are not limited to the states above). For delivery options and pricing give us a call.If you are interested in a custom two car garage, or three car garage, there are a few things we will we need to know in order to start a quote. Review the list below and give us as many answers as you can.
  1. What size would you like the garage to be
  2. What construction style (wood or vinyl)
  3. Wall height
  4. Wall construction (2x4’s or 2x6’s)
  5. Roof pitch
  6. Roof framing style (truss, attic truss, or rafter) see illustrations below for more on framing styles
  7. Amount of doors
  8. Size of doors (standard overhead is 9’ wide x 7’ high, standard single door is 3’ wide, standard double door is 6' wide)
  9. Amount of windows
  10. Size of windows (24” x 27” , 24” x 36” , 30” x 36” , or custom size)
  11. Will it be constructed on a cement pad
  12. Is there easy access to the build site
  13. Are you planning on insulating the garage at any time (if yes we would use insulated doors and windows and install proper ventilation in roof)
  14. Does your township require architectural drawings
  15. Any additional options

These are a few of the basic questions that you will need to answer before we can give you a quote.

If you would like more information on our two car garage give us a call. We will take your details and give you a firm price before the sale is completed. 717-768-8980

See below for truss and rafter styles

This is the Rafter framing style. This option gives you an open ceiling but if there is a span of more than 12' it may require posts or supports from the ground to the peak of the roof. This style can also be used to get the most space out of a second floor. For two story structures with a rafter style roof we can build the second floor lower than the top of the wall giving you more height. For this option we would need to put a post from the ground to the bottom of the second floor.
rafters with second floor
Rafter framing with second floor.
This is the Truss framing style. This option is the cheapest roof framing style and can span greater distances than rafters.
attic trusses

This is the Attic Truss framing style. This option gives you the benefit of a truss with the addition of an attic space.

*Drawings are for illustrative purposes only*

two story garage

Attic two car garage

28'x34' two story Custom garage with sandstone vinyl siding, burgundy trim, and an 7 pitch roof with weatherwood shingles. It has two 10'x8' raised panel garage doors with square glass, a 3' prehung door, and two 30"x36" windows. This custom garage also has a 14'x34' attic.
pre fab garage
Two car garage with vinyl siding

20'x24' Two car custom garage with 10' walls, sage vinyl siding, white trim, charcoal shingles, and a 5 pitch roof. It has two 8'x7' raised panel garage doors, a 3' prehung door, 12"x12" vinyl vents, two vinyl flower boxes, and two 24"x36" windows with black shutters.

garage built on site
One Car Garage

24'x24' Vinyl garage with almond siding, white trim, and shakewood shingles. It has a 3' prehung steel door, and a 16x7 raised panel overhead door.

two car garage garage for antique cars
The garage pictured above is a 20'x20' with 8' walls. It is shown with white vinyl siding, white trim, blue shutters, and a 6 pitch roof with national blue shingles. It has a 16'x7' raised panel garage door, a 3' prehung door, and two 24"x36" windows.
garage for sale in Lansdale

20'x24' Wood garage with clay paint, white trim, weatherwood shingles, and a 6 pitch roof. The garage has two 9'x7' Homestead garage doors with Stockton 2-lite glass, a red 36" single door, two car ramps, and a 24"x36" window with transom and a curved picture frame



PA amish garage

22'x24' Wood garage with clay paint, navajo trim, and weatherwood shingles. This garage has a red 3' fiberglass door, a 24"x36" window with red shutters and a curved picture frame, two red 9'x7' Homestead garage doors with Stockton 2-lite glass, and two 14"x30" sky lights.

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