6 Reasons You Need a Prefab 2-Car Garage

It’s a typical American home dilemma:  We have too many items in our house, and we begin running out of storage.  


As a result, items begin spilling into the garage, and soon we can’t park our cars in the garage!  


Or maybe we are pursuing a new hobby, but it requires a lot of space.  We store the equipment in the garage, and once again, our cars are pushed out into the driveway.


There are several answers to these dilemmas.  Some people reduce their belongings or hobbies, some rent storage units, and some build detached storage on their property.


If you go the route of detached storage, what is one of the most economical and efficient options?


Prefab 2 car garages!


With a wide range of features and customization possibilities, prefab 2 car garages are ideal for almost any home or storage situation.


At Pequea, we take a lot of pride in our custom design and construction.  It is our goal to deliver the best experience and construction possible with your prefab garage!


Let’s take a look at six ways a prefab 2 car garage is the perfect external storage and living option for you.

Table of Contents

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    1. Complete Garage Footprint
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    2. Optimal Storage
  • 2
    3. Two Garage Bays
  • 4
    4. Second Floor Living Options
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    5. Customizable for Existing Home
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    6. Sturdy Construction

Complete Garage Footprint

When many people think of additional storage, they usually think of putting more boxes in the attic, stacking boxes inside their existing garage, or buying an outdoor storage shed.


These options are possible ways to solve your storage problem, but they all have their limitations.


On the other hand, building a prefab 2 car garage opens up your possibilities with a complete garage footprint.


Whether it is storing vehicles, having additional storage space, making room for hobbies, or just having an insulated space outside of your house, a 2 car prefab garage gives you the best option.

Optimal Garage Storage

We all know how the boxes, totes, and other storage items quickly accumulate and stack up over time.


The issue is not just storage boxes, either.  


Some people are looking for additional space for hobbies and sports equipment.  Others want more room for gardening tools, a lawnmower or snowblower, or smaller sporting vehicles such as ATVs or dirt bikes.  


No matter your storage needs, the prefab 2 car garage is a great solution!


With two bays, you have plenty of room for parking a vehicle, lawnmower, ATV, or other vehicles.  You also have ample wall space for a workbench or hanging hand tools.


But the best part is the second-floor storage options for your boxes and totes!


Prefab garages come with many options for second-floor storage.  You can choose a floor plan that provides plenty of storage on the second floor.


Want to learn more about optimizing garage storage?  Read our blog about maximizing garage storage.


Two Car Garage Bays

Many American homes have a garage built for one or two cars.  However, there are many homes, especially older styles, with no garage.


The average American home has around two vehicles, and this causes a potential problem.


If you have a garage with one or two bays, and you need storage for equipment or riding machines, then your cars usually end up stored outside.


So how does a prefab garage with two bays fix this?


First, it allows you to put all your “extra things” out in the prefab garage.  This includes yard and lawn equipment, riding equipment, or additional workbench or hobby storage.


Second, it frees up your house garage to be used how it is designed:  for your vehicle.

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Second Floor Living Options

We already mentioned that a prefab 2-car garage could be designed to have a second floor for storage, but this additional floor can be designed for a living space as well.


The amount of room you have on the second floor depends on the exact design of the prefab garage, but many styles can be equipped to have a conditioned living space on the second floor.


So whether you need a small apartment, spare bedroom, or new game room, a prefab 2 car garage provides options to increase your living and hosting space!


For more on garage living options, read our blog on using prefab 2 car garages lofts.


Customizable for Your Existing Home

When buying an external garage or shed, many people are concerned about how it will fit with their existing home style and backyard.


This is a valid concern.  After all, no homeowner wants an external structure that distracts from their existing home.


That’s the beauty with a prefab 2 car garage - it has full customization!

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Prefab garages have a wide range of customization options and features.  You choose the roof color, siding color, and trim colors. You select the type of windows you want, as well as the style of the garage doors and entry doors.


You can also add extra features such as cupolas, weather vanes, gable vents or windows, dormers, peak overhangs, and more!


When you work with the Pequea team to design your prefab garage, you get to make it entirely yours and have it perfectly fit your existing home.

Sturdy Prefab Garage Construction

Prefab garages are designed and built in sections in a shop, shipped to the construction site, and then assembled. 


This process is efficient and cost-effective, but it raises a question:


Does the prefab construction process deliver an inferior finished product?


The answer depends on how you compare the prefab garage.  For example, if you compare it to a garage or house with poured concrete walls, then a prefab garage has a disadvantage.


However, if comparing it to typical wood framing or pole barn construction, then it is very similar in quality.  At Pequea, we build the walls, trusses, and rafters as required by local permitting requirements and licensed architects that review the garage drawings.


If you are frustrated with your available space for storage, hobbies, or vehicles, then take a look at purchasing a prefab 2 car garage.  These prefab garages provide plenty of options for storage, living space, and customization.


If you want to learn more about the process of getting a detached garage, then read our blog on the ultimate guide to prefab garages.


If you are looking for a prefab 2 car garage in PA, NY, MD, DE, CT, WV, or OH, then contact the team at Pequea today to begin your design!