The Best Ways To Use A Prefab 2 Car Garage With Loft

If you are looking at getting a modular or prefab garage, you may be wondering if it is worth getting a full loft on the second floor or just having attic space.


While it does cost more to have a finished loft on the second floor, it is definitely worth it if you have a modular garage with two or more bays!


Let’s take a look at several of the reasons for having a prefab 2 car garage with a loft benefits you long-term.

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    1. Prefab 2 Car Garage With Apartment
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    2. Have A Home Office
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    3. Create A Game Room Or Extra Living Space
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    4. Enjoy Additional Storage Space

Prefab 2 Car Garage With Apartment

One of the main advantages of building a loft with your modular garage is the ability to use the extra space to make an apartment.


Because the garage is detached from the house, this makes an ideal space for an apartment in many different situations:

  • Have a space to rent out for Airbnb or a similar program
  • Rent it out monthly or annually as a traditional apartment
  • House a family member needing a smaller home, such as an aging parent
  • Have a detached guest room for company
  • Create a space for older children or siblings who want to have their own living space


If you have planned for adequate space and connections in your prefab garage, then the water, electric, and sewer hookups should be ready to connect as well.

Before you live in the apartment, make sure you check with your local town to make sure it passes all the required building codes.  This is especially critical if you are renting out the apartment in your garage.


Have A Home Office

Today’s business world is connected by the internet, and more people are putting in hours at home for their jobs and organizations.


If you find having an office in your home doesn’t work well, maybe because you don’t have enough room or it is too distracting, then an office in your prefab 2 car garage is perfect!


A home office in your garage provides space to get away from the noise and distractions of the house and focus on what is important.  


Everyone who needs a quiet place to study, from pastors to sales members to CEO’s, will love having their own office space in the garage!


Also, in contrast to an apartment, you may not need plumbing and sewer connections to your garage if you have an office instead of an apartment.  This makes the permitting and construction process more efficient and cheaper.


Create A Game Room Or Extra Living Space

If you are looking for extra space for a game room or TV room, the loft of your detached garage is perfect!


You want to think about how much space you will need, particularly for a game room, so a prefab 2 car garage may not be big enough if you want several games that take space (ping-pong, pool, etc.).


The loft area also makes a cozy TV and movie room with family and friends.  Adding furniture, a mini-fridge, and a few cabinets quickly create the perfect place to spend quality time in your detached garage.  


And the best part?


You don’t need to worry about the noise or lights keeping people awake!  Instead, those who want to sleep can go to the house where it’s dark and quiet.


Enjoy Additional Storage Space

If you like the idea of having a loft and extra space on your garage, but you’re not ready to spend the money or time to hook up electricity or make it a living area, that is fine.  


There is still an excellent option for the second-story space - extra storage space!


Most families find themselves running out of useful storage space.  Maybe that’s why the reason you bought the prefab garage!


If you want to use your garage bays to store vehicles and lawn equipment, then the loft area is a great place to store items easily stored in boxes and totes.  This includes clothing, seasonal decorations, home decor you want to keep, family mementos, and much more.


As long as the items can easily be taken up and down the stairs, then the garage’s loft is a great storage option.


If you need ideas on how garage storage well, then read our blog on how to maximize your garage space.


When you are shopping for a modular garage, don’t just take the first-floor storage into consideration.  While this area is vital for storing vehicles and larger items, your new detached garage also provides a great second-story option.


Whether it’s a loft, apartment, game and TV room, additional storage space, or something else, you won’t regret having a prefab 2 car garage with a loft!


If you are looking for a prefab garage, take a look at Pequea’s multiple garage options available.  We offer standard modular garages, space-efficient Gambrel garages, and majestic A-frame garages.

If you have questions about purchasing a prefab garage, read our ultimate checklist in buying a detached garage.

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