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The High Wall Barn

Your garage is too full. The new lawn mower doesn't fit through the doors of the old shed. You need The High Barn from Pequea!

This is our favorite shed model based on the fine old farm barns so plentiful in Lancaster County! If you appreciate a rustic way of life and would like to add a little country charm to your home, then this shed is the one for you!

Standard Features

  • One Double Door
  • Two Windows
  • Two Shutters
  • This 10' x 16' model features white paint, dark gray trim,
    and light gray shingles.

Lancaster county barn shed

The high wall barn above is configured with white paint, dark gray trim, dark gray shutters and silver lining shingles.

amish barn shed


  12x20 vinyl high wall barn with white siding, white trim, weatherwood shingles, one full gable overhang, gable vents, and a prehug double door.      
  portable barn      
  8x14 designer high wall barn with navajo paint, tan trim, and shakewood shingles. (for designer prices follow this link to our designer shed page)      
  small portable barn      




211 New Holland Rd, Kinzers, PA 17535

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