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Sheds in PA
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Storage Sheds with natural beauty of sheds in nj

Pequea Sheds and Gazebos in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Sheds in PA, NJ and surrounding areas. Low priced quality sheds and gazebos delivered to your door.

Whether you live in the New Jersey suburbs or the PA countryside, we are committed to building you a beautiful storage shed or gazebo that will complement your home.

Enjoy your lush and tranquil garden retreat with our elegant garden sheds . Our goal is to manufacture a quality shed or gazebo so that you will be proud of your investment.

We can also help solve that problem of not enough storage space for good! With our almost unlimited variety of storage sheds you can easily find a shed that will work for you at a low price. In fact, our prices are so low that we put them right here on our site. So go ahead look around and give us a call toll free and we will help turn your dreams into a reality!


We deliver your shed or gazebo using our own trucks so we can get you the best service and price possible!

The manufacturing facilities for the storage sheds and gazebos are located in Lancaster County Pa in the heart of the Amish community. We are the manufacturer of all the advertised structures.

If you don’t see the type of storage shed or gazebo that you are looking for, feel free to contact us with your design of storage shed or gazebo and find out why we are one of the best manufactures of sheds in PA!

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amish quality built shed

Why Pequea?

Instead of trying to explain why we would purchase from ourselves, we like to let our customers do the talking.

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Sheds in PA

Beginning in 1978 the King family started building storage sheds in PA. Their sturdy shed construction and attention to quality craftsmanship quickly earned them a reputation for building some of the best sheds in PA. As the business grew, they soon found that delivering the sheds to the customer was a vital part of making sure the customer is satisfied.  When each shed is delivered they pay attention to understanding exactly where the customer wants their new shed positioned. Years of hard work and taking care of the customer's needs have earned them the excellent reputation that is deserved of quality built sheds delivered on time!


Wood Sheds in PA


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211 New Holland Rd, Kinzers, PA 17535

Contact us by calling (717) 768-8980 or email us

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