10 Amazing Benefits of Gazebos

Every homeowner wants to add that special touch to their backyard. 

We get it! You want to make your yard unique and exciting. 

Want to know how you can put the icing on the cake? 

Incorporate a specially designed gazebo! At Pequea, we think a gazebo is a perfect way to make any outdoor space sing. 

Gazebos look fantastic and come with a whole package of benefits as well! 

Want to know what they are? 

Let’s take a look at the top 10 benefits of owning a gazebo.

10 Benefits of
Owning a Gazebo

1. Have a place to relax 

Is there anything better than relaxing in the backyard after a hard day at work? 

Not much! 

A gazebo provides a lovely place to prop up your feet and rest when you need it the most. You can read a book, have a conversation with friends, or just close your eyes and soak up nature’s beauty. 

Whether you like solitary relaxing or unwinding with your better half, a gazebo is a great place to do it! 

A gazebo is a great place for relaxing in your backyard

2. Have a place to host 

Maybe you love having people over but don’t have adequate space for hosting. Or maybe you don’t think the space you have is not nice enough to host in.  

If this is you, a gazebo would be the perfect addition to your yard!   

Gazebos make for perfect outdoor hosting accommodations. They create new usable spaces and improve existing ones. 

They provide a place to set up a table for an outdoor dinner party, or they can simply provide a place to sit on lawn chairs and talk over drinks with close friends. 

If you have a larger party where people are milling around, the gazebo acts as a gathering and socializing place. 

A gazebo can improve any party or social event. Plus, having a beautiful gazebo gives you the perfect excuse to host! 

3. Create a focal point in your landscaping

Every landscaping expert knows how important focal points are. Focal points draw the eye to a particular spot and let it rest for a moment. Well-placed focal points draw the viewer deeper into the landscape. 

Gazebos make great focal points for your landscaping! 

gazebos make a good focal point for your landscaping

A stately gazebo immediately catches people’s eyes. It’s the perfect way to create some interest in your garden or yard! 

Also, gazebos can hide unsightly views, or draw interest away from less attractive parts of the property. 

4. Great for family events 

Having a gazebo comes in handy for events like family reunions and weddings. A gazebo provides a place to gather, serve food, eat, or set up a bridal table. 

Just be careful - if your gazebo is too nice, you might have everyone in your community asking if they can use it for their gatherings! 

5. Awesome for photography 

Want to do a photo shoot in your own backyard? 

With a gazebo, you have a ready-made location for photo and video shoots!  

Gazebos add ambiance to all kinds of event photography or photo sessions, Whether it’s for a wedding, prom, senior shoot, or another type of session, their romantic vibe and classy design show up beautifully on film. 

a gazebos classic design makes it ideal for photography

6. Gazebos provide shade 

Who wants to sit in the backyard in the blazing hot sun? 

That’s not very relaxing! 

And besides that, overexposure to the sun can be very harmful for you. It can cause: 

  • Painful sunburns 
  • Eye strain
  • Skin cancer  

Luckily, with a gazebo, you don’t have to sit in the hot sun. A gazebo provides welcome shade, especially if you live in a hot area or an area without trees. 

If your yard doesn’t have trees, a gazebo also makes up for some of the interest in your landscape trees can provide, and keep your yard from looking too flat.

A gazebo offers shade in a backyard

7. Gazebos provide shelter 

Have you ever planned an outdoor event just to call it off or move inside because of weather concerns? 

That’s not much fun at all! 

The good news is that with a gazebo, you aren’t at the mercy of the weather anymore! You can stay outdoors even if it rains. No more frantically rushing all your food and decor inside while it starts to sprinkle! 

Instead, you can have a relaxing time to the sound of the rain on the roof. 

Also, when was the last time you went outside to relax and had to come in because of annoying bugs? 

No worries!   

You can get gazebos equipped with screen walls. Now those irritating mosquitos can’t reach you anymore, and outdoor living has never been more comfortable! 

get protection from the elements with a gazebo

8. Increase home value with a gazebo 

On the practical side, a gazebo is an improvement that adds usable space to your property, thereby raising the value. 

In fact, some estimates say that the ROI on a gazebo may be in the range of 50% to 80%! 

Outdoor living has become increasingly popular over the years, and nice outdoor spaces are very attractive to potential buyers. So if you ever want to sell your house, your gazebo may pay off. 

Plus, you can enjoy it right now! 

9. Gazebos make your yard unique! 

Your yard is a place to display your personal style. It should be a reflection of your personality and your tastes.  

Gazebos come in all different sizes, shapes, and styles. Whether you go for romance or more of a playful vibe, you can pick out just the right gazebo for you! It will make your yard unique and unlike any other. 

At Pequea, we build fully customized gazebos! If you don’t see a gazebo you like in our collection of designs, you can create your own unique design for us to build. This way it’s sure to fit your personal tastes and style. 

gazebos come in many different designs and styles

10. Gazebos are low maintenance

No one likes to make an investment that you end up pouring more money into in the future.

Thankfully, keeping a gazebo clean and in top condition is really straightforward.

Simply mix some detergent and water together, grab a sponge or a very soft brush and give the gazebo a quick once over. Spray it off with the garden hose, and your gazebo is good to go!


As you can see, gazebos add more than just good looks to your backyard. They also come with a big set of bonus perks! 


They provide not only style but function, practicality, and personal flair to your outdoor space. 

What’s not to love?

If you would like to incorporate a gazebo into your backyard, check out our collection of designs at Pequea! If you don’t see the perfect gazebo, customize your own.  

Here’s how to work with us: 

  1. Design your structure 
  2. Approve the estimate  
  3. Love your new outdoor space! 

Besides gazebos, we also offer pergolas, pavilions, sheds, garages, and timber-framed structures.   

If you are ready to make your outdoor space into your outdoor dream space, give us a call today! 

We look forward to hearing from you.