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Natural Beauty of Sheds in NJ

Shed Options

Size   Size  
4' x 3'6"   4' x 4'8"  
5' x 3'6"   5' x 4'8"  
6' x 3'6"   6' x 4'8"  
8' x 3'6"   8' x 4'8"  
9' x 3'6"   9' x 4'8"  
Custom sizes available
Floor Options
double floor ( 7/16" OSB and 3/4" plywood)  
Pressure treated 2x4 floor joists  
Pressure treated plywood and 2x4's  
12" on center 2x4 floor joists  
Additional 4x4 runners (under floor joists)  
2x6 floor joists @ 16" OC  
2x6 floor joists @ 12" OC  

Diamond plates for door openings (at bottom)

diamond plate for 3' door  
diamond plate for 4' door  
diamond plate for 5' door  
diamond plate for 6' door  
diamond plate for 7' door  
diamond plate for 8' overhead door  
diamond plate for 9' overhead door  


Wood Single Doors


Wood Double Doors

Size   Size     Size    
36"   4'    


42"   5'     8'    
48"   6'          
Wider than standard doors available  

Pre-hung Steel Doors or Fiberglass Doors


T-hinge Steel Doors

36" single door   36" single door  
72" double doors   72" double doors  
Upgrade from wood single door   Upgrade from wood single door  
Upgrade from wood double door   Upgrade from wood double door  
Upgrade from T-hinge single door      
Upgrade from T-hinge double door      
Door Windows      
4 and 9-lite glass in T-hinge or Prehung door      
11 and 15-lite glass in T-hinge or Prehung door      

Transom Window Above Doors

  Transom Window In Single Door   Transom Windows In Double Doors  
3'   36"     5'      
4'   42"     6'      


Wood Door
Standard Wood Door With X
Wood Door with Curved Trim
shed door
shed single door
shed double door
Standard on Wood Sheds
Standard Designer Door

Designer with Transom Window Above Door

Curved Wood Door

decorative shed door
shed door with glass
curved shed door
T-hinge Door
T-hinge with 9-lite Glass
Pre-hung with 11-lite Glass
raised panel shed door
shed door with glass
prehung shed door
Standard on Vinyl Sheds
Pre-hung with 11-lite Glass
Painted T-hinge painted fiberglass with 11-lite Glass
Pre-hung with 15-lite Glass
prehung shed door with glass
raised panel door with glass
glass door


24" x 27"  
18" x 36"  
24" x 36"  
30" x 36"  
Insulated Windows (24x36)  
Window Box / Flower Box  
Picture Frames (2.5" trim)  
Picture Frames (3.5" trim)  
Curved Picture Frames  
Recessed Windows  


Raised Panel Shutters
Z-style Shutters with Curved Picture Frame
Curved Picture Frame
raised panel shed shutters
shed window with trim
Louvered Shutters
Standard Shutters
Double Window with

(standard on a vinyl shed)

(standard on a wood shed)

Z-style Shutters
shed window
window with shutters
double shed window


Architectural shingles are standard
Overhangs     Options  
Workshop     Tar paper  
Carriage     High sidewalls  
Vinyl Workshop        
Vinyl Carriage        


Workbenches (2' wide)   Cupolas    
Lofts (4' wide)   22" x 22" azek cupola    
    Cupola Hole    
    Weather Vane    



  22" x 22" azek cupola with copper roof    
    22" x 22" azek cupola with glass windows    
8" x 16" vents
8" x 8" vents        
12" x 12" vents        
12" x 18" vents        
Ridge vent        

Roof Sheeting (standard-OSB) 1/2" plywood 3% of shed price  


Partitions available for per foot cost   Onsite Construction  
    30% of the base cost  

Custom paint or color match      
No paint      

Placement of 4x4 supports

digram for timber 4x4 placement under a shed




































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