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The Octagon Gazebo

gazebo for sale

Join the ranks of satisfied Pequea customers who bought The Octagon Gazebo. The Octagon gazebo is our best-selling model and it gracefully improves the look of almost any home and yard.

The Octagon is 8 sided and can be customized in 5 different sizes.

The gazebo featured is a 12 ft. Vinyl Gazebo with charcoal architectural shingles, and our screening package.

Our Classic Octagon Gazebos are constructed with wood but can optionally be covered with vinyl for maximum durability!

(framing such as rafters and floor joists are still wood but covered with vinyl for a maintenance free finish)

If access to your site is a problem you may wish to have your gazebo built on site. If you are not sure if there is adequate access to your site give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your project with you. Generally with a few pictures and dimensions we can get a pretty good feel for whether or not we will need to build on site.

This is a 12' wood octagon gazebo with white paint, a double roof, spindle posts and rails, and coating on the floor and shingles.

  gazebo for sale in Lansdale  
8' wood octagon with screen package and clear coating    
gazebo for sale in PA
8' wood octagon with 6 benches
gazebo for sale in NJ
gazebo with double roof 12' gazebo with clay paint and double roof.  
  16' wood octagon gazebo with double roof. backyard gazebo
amish made gazebo 14' vinyl octagon gazebo.  
gazebo for deck 12' vinyl octagon gazebo with screen package.  

14' vinyl octagon gazebo with double roof, screen package, and synthetic slate shingles.

(if your gazebo will be placed on your deck, it will most likely need to be built on site unless the deck height is 3' or less)

two tier gazebo
  poolside gazebo

14' vinyl octagon gazebo with no floor.

(gazebos with no floor must be built on site)

12' vinyl octagon gazebo with screens
gazebo on pavers   10' vinyl octagon with spindle rails and victorian braces.
gazebo in roundabout
  12' vinyl gazebo with double roof, spindle rails, spindle posts, and no floor.  
This gazebo also had an electric package which consists of a switch and a receptacle. The switch leads to a wire in the peak of the ceiling, you can install the fixture of your choice after delivery. (your electrician would be responsible to install the fixture and also to hook up the gazebo to your power supply)
patio gazebo
gazebo with electric fan for gazebo
three tier gazebo 16' vinyl octagon gazebo with triple roof, spindle posts and rails, screen package, and custom cupola.  

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